Nicole Collection Planter Set

Working Class Studio
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Pop a cork in celebration of sustainability—literally. Designed by Nicole Runde (B.F.A., furniture design, 2010), this modern planter set is made entirely of durable, high-density tan cork. Naturally watertight and resistant to both mold and mildew, these planters are aptly sized for succulents and miniature cacti, small ferns and houseplants, and a variety of herbs. And talk about a versatile design—the planter also doubles as an inventive office organizer that can be used to hold pencils and pens, keep notes handy and in view, or as a pair of smart bookends. Each cork piece includes a removable polystyrene insert that can be washed and reused. 9" x 4" x 5.75"; 3.5-inch recess.

Price: $50.00   (€43.50)
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